Generators (15)

During my Bachelor studies I discovered that many of my quick drafts, scribbles and mistakes resulted in better (received) products than the ones I put hours of thought into especially in case of some of my posters. So why not leave the first try to an algorithm and let a generator export a first version for you?

This was the idea behind my bachelor project. During my exchange semester at the University of Applied Sciences in Graz I got to learn the program “Processing” which I used to program four different generators. The first draft is always random but the designer has the option to change for example the colour, number or thickness of elements in included menus. Afterwards with a simple pressing of a key the draft is saved as a vectorbased PDF-file which can be scaled and edited without quality loss.

I put my generators to the test by generating the templates for two posters and over 400 unique business cards with different motives. Everything was presented at the end of my Bachelor semester in form of an automat for people to try it out for themselves and take the results with them.

2016–2017, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf